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Love Among The Blueberries

Love has a way of finding us when we least expect it. It weaves its enchanting tapestry through the most serendipitous of encounters, bringing together two souls destined to embark on a beautiful journey together. In the heart of Maine, amidst the lush blueberry fields, two remarkable individuals became one.

Kelly's unwavering commitment to her faith and her steadfast love for others has always been inspiring to me and has shown through her work as a lifeflight nurse and the missions work she has been involved in through the years. Kelly met Steven through one of Steven's college professors at Liberty and former missions pastor at Kelly's church, and mutual friends who introduced them and their love grew from there.

When they asked me to shoot their wedding I was overjoyed! We shot their engagement photos in Acadia National Park which was such a fun experience. We rode from Bangor together and I could tell from the moment we started talking that these two were meant for each other. They both are genuine, caring people who were so encouraging throughout our conversation. Once they got behind the camera and warmed up a little to it their chemistry together really showed and their love for each other shines through all their pictures!

I have had the honor of capturing their love behind the lens of my camera from their engagement to their wedding and to see their love unfold has been a tremendous display of God's faithfulness. Their wedding day was filled with love, laughter, and the purest form of joy. I hope to continue to see their love flourish for many years to come.