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Acadia Elopement

This content day elopement was dreamed up when my friend from college, Kirsten Hartzell (@kirstenhartzellphotography), told me that she was coming up to Maine to visit family and wanted to come visit/do something creative with me while in Maine! So we recruited my friends Grace and Warren, who live on MDI, to be our models for an elopement shoot.

We went out the night before and foraged for wildflowers to make a bouquet for Grace to hold and ended up with a beautiful arrangement courtesy of the side of the road and Hobby Lobby. The morning of the shoot we woke up bright and early to head to the Island for a full day of shooting. After meeting Grace and Warren at their apartment we made our way to long pond where the sea-fog from the night before had just barely lifted and the lighting was dreamy, we even had a few ducks join us for photos on the dock.

After the magical photos at Long pond we made our way over to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. It was at this point that Grace informed me that, even though she had lived on the Island her whole life, the last time she was actually at sand beach was on a 2nd grade field trip. This blew my mind; having grown up going to sand beach at least once a summer and having to travel from over an hour away. The beach was pretty uncrowded for the time of year because it was early in the morning and we were able to shoot some stunning photos with the most amazing backdrops of the mountains and the ocean.

Sand Beach will always be one of my favorite places to take couples, wether it be for an engagement shoot or an elopement, there is such a variety of backdrops for my photo shoots and the ever changing landscapes carved out by the power of the oceans tides adds to the majestic outcomes!

We then went on to do several more shoots all over the Island but those will come in later blog posts. Overall it was an amazing day full of creativity, fun, friends, and food and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


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